Team description paper

Team description paper for Robot Club Toulon team : download here


5 recent publications

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  • International Conference Paper – 2023 : Ultra-Fast Lidar Scene Analysis Using Convolutional Neural Network. H. Moussa, V. Gies, T. Soriano – Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering book series (LNME) – LNAI 13561, pp. 1–12, May 2023
  • International Conference Paper – 2023 : Decision-making strategy for multi-agents using a probabilistic approach: application in soccer robotics. H. A. Pham, V. Gies and T. Soriano (2023). In IEEE 12th International Conference on Control, Automation and Information Sciences (ICCAIS), Hanoi, Vietnam, 2023, pp. 298- 303, doi: 10.1109/ICCAIS59597.2023.10382302.
  • International Conference Paper – 2023 : Design of the dynamic behavior of soccer robots based on the Dec-POMDP framework. Soriano, T., Pham, H.A, & Gies, V. In IEEE 14th France-Japan and 12th Europe-Asia Congress on Mechatronics, Japan (Best Paper Award–Finalist) (2023)
  • Article – 2020 : Optimisation of Energy Transfer in Reluctance Coil Guns: Application to Soccer Ball Launchers –  V. Gies, T. Soriano, S. Marzetti, V. Barchasz, H. Barthelemy, H. Glotin, V. Hugel – Applied Sciences 10(9) – April 2020
    DOI: 10.3390/app10093137
  • Article – 2019 : Modeling and Optimization of an Indirect Coil Gun for Launching Non-Magnetic Projectiles. V. Gies, T. Soriano. Actuators 2019, 8, 39.

Contributions to the league

  • Member of the Executive committee :  Valentin Gies (2022-present) 
  • Organisation of the next MSL Workshop 2024-2025
  • Member of the Organisation committee : Thierry Soriano (2022-2023)
  • Member of the Technical committee :  Valentin Gies (2021-2022) 
  • Member of the Organisation committee :  Valentin Gies (2019-2021) 

Open Source contribution

Mechanical description

Electrical description

Functional description (Software Flow Charts)

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Size and Weight of the robots :

Length : 46cm
Width : 49cm
Height : 59cm
Weight : 35kg


Profile :

Robot Club Toulon is a french team participating to the RoboCup in Middle Size League. Coming from Toulon University in the south of France, this team considers RoboCup MSL as an excellent challenge for developping innovating hardware and algorithms in cooperative robotics and artificial intelligence. Even if it is a recent team in the MSL, its goal is to make a team able to play with humans in safe conditions as soon as possible.

Most research topics :

Electromagnetics, Sensor Fusion, Artificial Intelligence, Dynamic control, Cooperative Robotics.