2022 Robots Presentation

Presentation of the 2022 RCT robots participating in the RoboCup in Bangkok.

RCT RoboCup 2019 Results

First participation of the RCT team to the Robot Soccer World Cup.

Playing soccer using Artificial Intelligence

Since 2001, 15 participations to French Robot Championships

A new laser cutter for mechanical parts of RCT robots

Technological platform SMIoT has bought a new TROTEC laser cutter. It will help to ease the fabrication of mechanical parts at GEII departement in Toulon Institute of Technology.

Alice, a robot playing tennis at Toulon Institute of Technology

PEPPERL+FUCHS R2000 : a very high performance LIDAR for RCT robots

We would like to thank PEPPERL+FUCHS, for their support in order to be competitive at the RoboCup. With an angular resolution of 0.014°, a range of 60m and a 50 round per second speed, R2000 will greatly help us for positioning and understanding the games at the RoboCup !


Vidéos of the French Robot Cup finals 2018

Discovering Toulon University robots technologies 

Training Alice, the tennis Robot of RCT